Branching Morphogenesis


Branching Morphogenesis

Branching Morphogenesis is a scale datascape that captures a creative process that encompasses intersections between design and science. 75,000 zip ties have filtered the force network exerted by cells at a microscope. At all stages of the filtering and scaling process, the network is adjusted by new constraints. The final artifact is a synthesis, a biosynthesis, for people to inhabit and experience.

Branching Morphogenesis explores fundamental processes in living systems and their potential application in architecture. The project investigates part-to-whole relationships revealed during the generation of branched structures formed in real-time by interacting lung endothelial cells placed within a 3D matrix environment. The installation materializes five slices in time that capture the force network exerted by interacting vascular cells upon their matrix environment. The time lapses manifest as five vertical, interconnected layers made from over 75,000 cable zip ties. 

Branching Morphogenesis 08.08

SIGGRAPH 2008 Design and Computation Galleries

Design Team:  Sabin+Jones LabStudio; Jenny E. Sabin & Andrew Lucia in collaboration w/ Peter Lloyd Jones & Jones Lab members. Special thanks to Annette Fierro for critical commentary.

Production Team:  Dwight Engel, Matthew Lake, Austin McInerny, Marta Moran, Misako Murata, Jones Lab members