Lumen @Constructo


Santiago, Chile

Lumen @Constructo is knitted light, an adaptive architecture that immerses visitors in a responsive glow of photo-luminescence. Inhabiting the multi-story atrium of Mall Plaza, the project features a large canopy originally on view as part of Jenny Sabin Studio’s winning entry, Lumen, for MoMA and MoMA PS1 YAP 2017. Two new nested canopies generate interactive spaces within the 10.5-meter-tall steel and rope towers. This matrix of lightweight knitted canopy structures composed of responsive tubular and cellular components employs textiles, photo-luminescent, and solar active fibers that absorb, collect, and deliver light within the Mall Plaza atrium in Santiago, Chile. It is a socially and environmentally responsive structure that is interactive and transformative. This environment offers spaces of respite, exchange, and engagement as the canopy filters light, casts dynamic shadows on the ground floor, and changes throughout the day. It is an open responsive system featuring digitally knitted lightweight, high-performing, formfitting, and adaptive materials. Lumen @Constructo is an experiment, taking risks through collaboration across disciplines to innovate architecture that is transformative, interactive, inclusive, and socially engaging in multiple contexts and publics. It is a new nature. 

 Lumen for MoMA and MoMA PS1 YAP 2017 & Lumen @Constructo 2018
A project by Jenny Sabin Studio
|R&D + Digital Fabrication by Sabin Design Lab, Cornell University

Jenny E. Sabin, Principal and Lead Architectural Designer
Dillon Pranger, Project lead and manager
Jordan Berta, Diego Garcia Blanco, Elie Boutros, Daniel Villegas Cruz, Omar Dairi, Alejandro Garcia, Andres Gutierrez, Jingyang Liu Leo, Mark Lien, Jasmine Liu, Andrew Moorman, Christopher Morse, Bennett Norman, Marwan Omar, Sasson Rafailov, Steve Ren, David Rosenwasser, Danny Salamoun, Aishwarya Sreenivas, Raksarat Vorasucha


Engineering Design: Clayton Binkley, Lucas Whitesell, Kristen Strobel, Arup
Knit Fabrication: Tom Shintaku, Shima Seiki WHOLEGARMENT
Sewing & Finishing: Wade Wesson & Christine Garcia, Dazian
Installation & project Coordination: Jeannette Plaut & Marcelo Sarovic, Constructo
Photo Credit: Jenny E. Sabin, Jenny Sabin Studio


The 2017 Young Architects Program is made possible by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Additional funding is provided by the Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation, Jeffrey and Michèle Klein, and Agnes Gund.

Additional support provided by College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, Cornell University