Studio 2007



Branching by Firas Hnoosh, David Lefevre


Charge by Susannah Brewster, Lisa Schwert, Theodore Slowik


 Edge by Lindsey Cohen, Anna Nesser, Eric Stroud

For the 2007 Balmond + Sabin Studio, a brief for a new Nanotechnology Research Facility on Penn’s campus was initiated. Nanotechnology is an emerging science in which new materials and tiny structures are built atom-by-atom, or molecule-by-molecule, instead of the more conventional approach of sculpting parts from pre-existing materials. Nano is a prefix meaning one-billionth, so a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology is the science of the very small. Just as antibiotics, the silicon transistor and plastics affected nearly every aspect of society in the 20th century, nanotechnology is expected to have profound influences in the 21st century.

ARCH 704 Research Studio; Nanotech; PennDesign Spring 2007; Instructors: Cecil Balmond + Jenny E. Sabin; Thumbnail image by Firas Hnoosh & David Lefevre