Jenny Sabin

Principal and Principal Investigator

Jenny Sabin’s work is at the forefront of a new direction for 21st century architectural practice, investigating the intersections of architecture and science while applying insights from biology and mathematics to design of material structures. 

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Dillon Pranger

Senior Designer, jsstudio

Dillon Pranger, a Licensed Architect in the State of Illinois, is a Senior Designer with JSStudio and holds a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati, and a M.Arch from Cornell University. Pranger has taught extensively at institutions such as Cornell AAP, Harvard GSD, and Syracuse University SOA, and has additional experience working in the design offices of KPF and Eisenman Architects


Madeleine Eggers

junior Designer and Senior personnel, Jsstudio + JSLab

Madeleine Eggers, an undergraduate pursuing a B.Arch from Cornell University, is Senior Personnel at JSLab and a Hunter R. Rawlings Presidential Research Scholar. Eggers has published work for SimAUD and has engaged extensively in robotics and fabrication research. 


John Hilla 


John Hilla, M.Arch University of Pennsylvania, is a Designer with Jenny Sabin Studio, a Research Associate with JSLab, and a recipient of the American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal. Hilla holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.S. in Engineering Management from Syracuse University.


Jordan Berta

Designer and Content Coordinator, jsstudio 

Jordan Berta, M.Arch Cornell University, is a Designer and Content Coordinator for JSStudio. Berta is a Teaching Associate at Cornell University and has additional experience working in design offices such as Barkow Leibinger and SHoP Architects. 


Former Team Members: 

Byungchan Ahn, Mikael Avery, Jeremy Bilotti, James Blair, Jillian Blackwell, Lynda Brody, Nicholas Cassab, Daniel Cellucci, Charles Cupples, Omar Dairi, Yu Gu, Brian Heller, James Fleet Hower, Jason Jackson, Jessica Jiang, Ian Limbaseanu, Jingyang Liu Leo, Jasmine Liu, Jin Tack Lim, Andrew Lucia, Nicola McElroy, Martin Miller, Andrew Moorman, Cameron Nelson, Bennett Norman, Luigi Olivieri, Giffen Ott, Anooshey Rahim, David Rosenwasser, Kathryn Rufe, Danny Salamoun, Teng Teng, Shining Sun, Max Vanatta, Simin Wang, Meagan Whetstone, Alexander Wolkow, Liangjie Wu, Chisato Yamakawa