PolyBrick showcases the next steps in the integration of complex phenomena towards the design, production, and digital fabrication of ceramic form in the design arts and architecture. This work includes advances in digital technology, three - dimensional (3D) printing, advanced geometry, and material practices in arts, crafts, and design disciplines. PolyBrick makes use of algorithmic design techniques for the digital fabrication and production of nonstandard ceramic brick components for the mortarless assembly and installation of the first fully 3D - printed and fired ceramic brick wall. Using customized digital tools, low – cost printing materials, and component - based aggregations, our research utilizes readily available 3D printing technology to develop large - scale forms through the aggregation of interlocking component based systems. 

PolyBrick is an ongoing project in the Sabin Design Lab at Cornell Architecture. Originally on display at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design as part of the exhibition, “Data Clay: Digital Strategies For Parsing The Earth”. Currently on display at the Centre Pompidou as part of their "Mutations-Créations / Imprimer le monde" exhibition. 




A project by Sabin Design Lab, Cornell University
Principal Investigator: Jenny E. Sabin
Design, Research and Production: Martin Miller & Nicholas Cassab