LabStudio 2017

Jenny E. Sabin and Peter Lloyd Jones, LabStudio: Design Research Between Architecture and Biology, (London & New York: Routledge Taylor and Francis, 2017).

A book on design research across disciplines through the lens of LabStudio, co-founded by Sabin, an architectural designer and Jones, a cell and molecular biologist.



Parker, Melanie Jane. “Jenny Sabin: The Artist Behind MoMA’s PS1’s ‘Lumen’ Exhibit”, Flaunt Magazine, July 28, 2017.


New yOrk Times 2016

Smith, B. "Jenny E. Sabin's "PolyThread Knitted Textile Pavilion," part of "Beauty - Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial", New York Times,  February 2016

Wired Magazine 22.11


Palmer, K. "An Architect Whose Wild Structures Imitate Cells", Wired Magazine 22.11 issue. 2014. 


Metropolis Magazine

Metropolis Magazine 2014

Kats, A. "Working with biology, computation, and crafts, the Philadelphia-based architect has emerged as her field's leading scientist", Metropolis Magazine, October 2014. 


Sustainable Thinking 2012

Sabin, J. "Sustainable Thinking", a review of the first installment of Hans and Roger Strauch Symposium on Sustaining Sustainability: Alternative Approaches in Urban Ecology and Architecture, Dept of Architecture, Cornell University, The architectural Review Issue #1381, March 2012, p. 88-89. 

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Meander 2010

Meander, Variegating Architecture by Kolatan and Sabin, a book on parametric and algorithmic design strategies in research, teaching, and practice, Bentley Publications, Exton, PA, USA.

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Science Magazine 2010

Branching Morphogenesis, a Sabin + Jones LabStudio project, wins AAAS/NSF International Visualization Challenge. Featured on the cover of Science, February 19, 2010. "The AAAS/NSF International Visualization Challenge recognizes outstanding achievement in the use of visual media to promote understanding of research results and scientific phenomena. The judges' criteria for evaluating the entries included visual impact, innovation, and accuracy." 


American Journal Of Pathology 2010

Ground Substance, a Sabin + Jones LabStudio installation (designed by Sabin and Lucia with Jones and Fierro) featured on the cover of the American Journal of Pathology February 2010. 

Pennsylvania Gazette

Pennsylvania Gazette 2009

Popp T. "An Architect Walks into the Lab", The Pennsylvania Gazette Jan/Feb issue. pp 30-39, 2009.