Generative Fabrication

Overall, this project aims to engage a new material practice and next steps in digital fabrication in architecture through the production of models and prototypes via cutting edge parametric and associative software that interface fabrication technologies in related, but alternative disciplines. No longer privileging column, beam and arch, our definition of architectural tectonics has broadened alongside advancements made in computational design. How have these advancements impacted material practice in architecture, engineering and construction at economic, technological and cultural levels? How might we address these issues during the design process? Importantly, the proposed design research project seeks to communicate, document and make public advances in tooling and fabrication to advance the design and production of nonlinear systems via complex geometries. Central to this is the integration of fields and industries outside of our own in the practice of design research by a multi-disciplinary team composed of architects, mechanical engineers, scientists and fabricators active in academia, practice & industry. The main goal of this proposal concerns the evolution of digital complexity in the built world.